My story

What do I really want to do? Who do I want to become? What is the meaning of my life, why am I here? Is that all what exist?

… I started to ask myself these questions only after I successfuly completed my studies as a landscape architect. I still do not quite understand why life led me through that experience, because it never really resonated with me, even though it – at that time – seemed like the best choice for me.

Ever since I was a little girl, it was expected from me to go to university and get master’s degree. Looking back now, I would make quite different decisions in my life. I would have started my own path much earlier. Therefore, one of my missions is to encourage young people in researching and testing the life of an entrepreneur.

My feelings of being lost further increased during the end of my studies, as I also ended a successful competitive career in martial arts, where I won medals from all major competitions. I am very grateful for this part of my life, because it taught me some important lessons and formed me into a “warrior” who, despite unavoidable defeats, does not surrender. Sports has taught me perseverance, patience, dedication, humility, confidence in myself and my abilities and the importance of following my dreams.

After completing my competitive career, I started to work with children and, by coincidence, discovered my great passion. I love working with children! A particularly pleasant challenge to me is working with a group of children. I have been working with them in various fields for more than 9 years. I have performed various sports and educational workshops (architecture, creative workshops, judo, lego robotics) in this time. I also spent 3 years organizing and managing birthday parties at the Judo Club Krško. I joined the Slovenian Hospic Society, where I conducted training in the field of mourning for adults, children and adolescents. This gave me extra depth and knowledge of working with children.

In addition to working with children, creating and expressing myself in all possible ways brings me my innermost joy. I use to draw a lot when I was little, but stopped during the course of my schooling. I believed that I couldn’t make a living by creating, but I returned to this heartwarming activity when I decided to put my happiness and satisfaction first. I strongly believe that all of us, without exception, the universe rewards with carefully selected gifts and treasures that only we can give. But it’s our responsibility and duty to recognize, develop and live those gifts.

During my life I have (like every one of us) dealt with different challenges that pushed me to the path of self-exploration and self-discovery. By resolving my painful patterns from the past and receiving blessings of much deeper understanding of life, I built new, much more solid foundations of my innermost center. I learned to love myself first and thus open the door for giving others even more. One of the most important things that I had to re-learn was how to set up healthy boundaries. I am much more aware of the value of my energy now and I am more careful in where do I place it.

In the past few years, I found a great passion in exploring all dimensions of the female menstrual cycle and its wonderful capabilities, buried and hidden under patriarchal society. I find this kind of knowledge very important and necessary to spread, so in the future, many of my products will be based on that knowledge. In order to restore a harmonious balance between women and men, it seems that it is crucial for women to get to know themselves in their depths, so that they can raise the divine woman principle within themselves, and thus support the divine masculine in men.

I am dedicating my life to explore and unleash my potentials, perfecting my abilities as a designer and digital artist. I have committed myself to personal development and continuous inner work. I released my limited beliefs, set the vision for my life, recognized the purpose of my soul, and venture myself on a (never ending) path of self-realization.