Menstrual Cycle Journal: Your Journey to the Sacred Feminine

Discover your unique abilities, aptitudes and overall monthly changes. Track your fertility (FAM), dreams, ideas, thoughts and insights.

Experience your menstrual cycle in empowering way

This unique Menstrual Cycle Journal will take you on the journey deep within the core of your beautiful femininity. It will help you learn everything about your changing strengths, abilities and mental attitudes during different parts of your cycle so you can optimize your activities and manifest your life potential.

After reading theory (I. part of the journal) and tracking your changing attitudes and uptitudes for 90 days, you will never look at your menstrual cycle in the same way again.

Learn your rhythms, connection to Moon and Earth

You deserve to experience your femininty in the richest way
possible. In order to fully embrace your Sacred Feminine it is very important, that you learn about your own unique rhythms and
changes that are happening through your monthly menstrual cycle and how your cycle is connected to Moon and Earth natural
cycle. Menstrual Cycle Journal is a beautiful, uniquelly designed journal where you can learn feminine wisdom from ancient and modern cultures and explore all dimensions of your own cyclic power.

Harmonize life with your cycle, awaken the Goddess

Journal will help you become more aware of the needs of your
body and soul. Through that, you can learn to harmonize your life with your natural cycle. You will invite Her, the Goddess to enter your life and becomes a part of everything you do and touch.

What’s inside the Menstrual Cycle Journal


First, the journal takes you on an adventure to explore all dimensions of your cyclic nature. It explains what changes are happening in your body and psychy – when is your optimum time for certain activities and where you should be more careful. You will also discover how you are connected to the Moon and Earth cycle.


In a second part of a journal you will and samples and explanation on how to track your yearly, monthly and dayly cycle. Journaling includes important parametres of the cycle that are good for you to track, including your fertility (FAM), insights and dreams.


In a third part of a journal you will begin to explore and track your cycle for 90 days. Journal also contains whole year tracker and 12 monthly trackers so you can use your Menstrual Cycle Journal for a whole year.


Journal will provide you with the basic knowledge of the two most eective natural fertility awareness methods – Mucus changes (Billings/Ovulation Method) and Basal body temperature changes (Temperature Method). According to Francesca Naish, it can be called a Sympto-thermal Method.


  • learn about and take advantage of your changing strengths, abilities and mental attitudes during dierent parts of your cycle
  • get in touch with your ancient menstrual wisdom
  • help you heal the wounded woman within and your female heritage
  • create meaningful relationship by understanding and expressing your self more (your own needs, desires, wanting, emotions)
  • help you deal with universal feeling of unworthiness and body shame by building your self-respect and self-love as woman
  • help you develop new relationship with your menstruation and empower the women within you
  • regaining connection to your body, feelings and needs (increases your awareness)
  • develop female spirituality, female wisdom and intuition
  • understanding of the the magic connection of your cycle to the one of the moon and nature
  • help you understand that PMS and menstruation is NOT your weakness but your POWER
  • help you gain insight, develop intuition
  • encourage you to celebrate and respect your femininity and live with a harmony with your cycle
  • awaken the Sacred Feminine, the Goddess in you
  • inspire the women around you and help heal the Earthy (by embracing feminine values over power and domination)